Family Planning that Empowers Women and Saves Species


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Family Planning that Empowers Women and Saves Species

Alleviating Poverty and Lifting Up Women

Women for Conservation was born from our commitment to empower women in impoverished areas of Colombia while simultaneously protecting rare and endemic wildlife. While meeting with local women from these rural areas, a common and important theme arose: they desperately wanted access to family planning to control the frequency of their pregnancies, yet their remote location made it difficult and unaffordable to travel to health clinics for these services. We immediately recognized the multitude of benefits to be achieved by delivering family planning services to these communities, both in terms of empowering women and supporting conservation.

Throughout the world’s poorest countries, millions of women desire contraceptives but are unable to obtain them. This need results in women and girls becoming pregnant much earlier and more often than they want, creating unexpectedly large families with many children in households that have very limited resources. However, with access to birth control and knowledge about family planning, women are able to space out childbirths and avoid unplanned pregnancies. Both child survival and maternal health improve, and each child  receives the food, nutrition, healthcare, and education needed to thrive — allowing families to escape poverty.

Achieving Sustainable Population Growth to Save Wildlife

One of the greatest threats to conservation is the burgeoning human population, which places excessive demands on natural resources, which our Earth is unable to sustain. During the past century alone, the human population suddenly soared — more than 7.5 billion people currently inhabit the planet. In striking contrast, there were fewer than one billion people for 10,000+ years prior to the 1800s. This recent extraordinary growth, paired with modern tendencies for over-consumption, has placed the future of our planet at great peril. Fortunately, improving access to contraceptives can curb unsustainable population growth.

At Women for Conservation, our efforts focus on introducing family planning to communities in critical biodiversity areas, where preserving natural habitats and resources is key to saving unique species on the edge of extinction. We coordinate with women’s groups in four communities throughout Colombia to introduce affordable access to birth control. In doing so, we seek to empower more than 100 women and girls, increasing their future opportunities, while alleviating poverty and protecting natural resources.

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