Urgent Relief: Coronavirus Response

Urgent Relief: Coronavirus Response

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We are facing one of the greatest challenges in our history. Worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic is causing women to worry for their families – for their parents, children, friends, and communities. This is a serious health dilemma causing grave economic challenges.

While we have been preparing our teams and partners for the past few weeks, unfortunately we have needed to suspend many daily activities, meetings, and training sessions with our local community groups. These are exceptional times that require exceptional actions.

The situation in Colombia at this time is concerning. With hundreds of reported cases amid a weak healthcare system and a lack of benefits for families in need, Colombians face unprecedented challenges. But this is when we, Women for Conservation, must step up and provide assistance.

We have been in contact with our partners and families to reassure them, advise them on preventative measures, and respond to their most urgent needs, which currently include securing long-term dry foods like rice, beans, lentils and other basic supplies. These items are particularly important for poor rural communities where government assistance will be sparse, if at all.

For just $65, we have been able to help secure the essential supplies needed by a family of four for an entire month. For example, $9.90 provides 13 pounds of rice that can feed a family for one month. Already we have helped over a dozen families, and we hope to extend that aid to more than 70 women and their families involved with Women for Conservation who are seeking urgent assistance.

Your donation to our Urgent Relief Response Fund will help us to provide necessities during this difficult time.

We are very grateful to our wonderful supporters during this unprecedented time and give special thanks to our donors as they provide us with funding that allows us the flexibility and agility to respond where the needs of our partners and communities are greatest.